Listed in no particular order:

  • Michael Polanyi and the Liberal Tradition – Guest editor, Tegan Truitt
  • Political Economy of Defense and Peace – Guest editor, Chandler S. Reilly
  • Symposium on Eric Graf’s Anatomy of Liberty in Don Quijote de la Mancha – Guest editor, Brian Brewer
  • David Hume and Political Epistemology – Guest editor, Elena Yi-Jia Zeng
  • Symposium on Kevin Valier’s Trust in a Polarized Age – Guest editor, Ritwik Agrawal
  • Symposium on Walter Block et al. The Classical Liberal Case for Israel – Guest editor, Efraim Karsh
  • Symposium on Jobst Landgrebe and Barry Smith’s Why Machines Will Never Rule the World: Artificial Intelligence without Fear – Guest editor, Janna Hastings
  • Symposium of David McPherson’s The Virtues of Limits – Guest editor, Matthew Sloboch
  • Bernard Bosanquet’s Philosophical Theory of the State at 125 – Guest editor, Byron Kaldis
  • Symposium on William Butos and Thomas McQuade’s Hayekian Systems – Guest editor, Scott Scheall
  • Gender and Emergent Order – Guest editor, Lauren Hall


If anyone would like to lead a book symposium or a themed issue please feel free to discuss with Managing Editor, Leslie Marsh