A Festschrift in Honor of Barry Smith On the Occasion of his 65th Birthday



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Social Orders: A Foreword from the Editors
Gloria Zúñiga y Postigo and Gerald J. Erion

Biography of Barry Smith
Sandra Smith

Briefly, on Brevity
Gerald J. Erion

What Is It Like to Be Barry Smith?
Wolfgang Grassl

BFO and DOLCE: So Far, So Close…
Nicola Guarino

Logic and Ontology
John T. Kearns

On Not Being Influenced by Barry Smith’s Ontologism
Rudolf Lüthe

Minimal Aristotelian Ontology
Luc Schneider

Barry Smith and His Influence On (Not Only, But Mainly My) Philosophy
Peter Simons

The Liar, the Truth-Teller, and Barry Smith
Wojciech Żełaniec

Necessity and Truth Makers
Jan Woleński

The Church of Sunk Costs
Gloria Zúñiga y Postigo

Trouble Up at t’Ontological Mill: An Inconclusive Dialog A Whimsical Postscript in Ontological Folklore
Peter Simons

Appendix: Publications by Barry Smith

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