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Cosmos + Taxis takes its name and inspiration from the Greek terms that F. A. Hayek famously invoked to connote the distinction between spontaneous orders and consciously planned ordersCosmos + Taxis is run under the auspices of the Department of Philosophy, Political Science, and Economics, The University of British Columbia Okanagan.

  • Cosmos + Taxis offers a forum to those concerned that the central presuppositions of the liberal tradition have been severely corroded, neglected, or misappropriated by overly rationalistic and constructivist approaches. The hardest-won achievements of the liberal tradition has been the wrestling of epistemic independence from overwhelming concentrations of power, monopolies and capricious zealotries. The very precondition of knowledge is the exploitation of the epistemic virtues accorded by society‚Äôs situated and distributed manifold of spontaneous orders, the DNA of the modern civil condition.
  • Cosmos + Taxis is not committed to any particular school of thought but has as its central interest any discussion that falls within the classical liberal tradition as outlined above.
  • Cosmos + Taxis publishes papers on complexity broadly conceived in a manner that is accessible to a general multidisciplinary and general audience with particular emphasis on political economy and philosophy.
  • Cosmos + Taxis offers a forum distinctively engaging the growing confluence of interest in situated and distributed liberalism emanating from the Scottish tradition, Austrian and behavioral economics, non-Cartesian philosophy and moral psychology, philosophy of social science, social epistemology, political philosophy and political economy. 
  • Cosmos + Taxis publishes a wide range of content: refereed articles, topical issues and book symposia, through to moderated discussion articles, literature surveys and reviews. If you’d like to make a thematic proposal as a guest editor or suggest a book review, please contact the managing editor. All books listed on Cosmos + Taxis’ Facebook page are available for review. Cosmos + Taxis does not have article processing- nor any submission- charges.

Cosmos + Taxis does not assume responsibility for the views expressed by its contributors.

Cosmos + Taxis is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Authors retain full copyright to their work and Cosmos + Taxis retains copyright as a curated entity.

Creative Commons License
Cosmos + Taxis is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.