Economics of Religion

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Editorial Introduction
Clara E. Jace

What Good is a Good Fit? Religious Matching and Educational Outcomes
Catherine Ruth Pakaluk

Alcohol Prohibition in the Beehive: How the Word of Wisdom Became a Commandment
Diana W. Thomas and Michael D. Thomas

Substitutes or Complements?: A Study of Welfare Services in Utah
Clara E. Jace and Roberta Q. Herzberg

Does the Dismal Science Need to be Redeemed?
Abigail Bodeau

Are So-called Normative Statements Practically the Same as Suitably Formulated So-called Positive Statements?
Daniel B. Klein, Jason Briggeman, William L. Davis, and Abigail Devereaux

Sacrifice & Stigma in the Four Addiction Treatment: Models for Opioids 
Feler Bose

Shooting an Elephant: A Public Choice Explanation of Caste
Joshua K. Bedi

Who Now Remembers the Armenians: Mass Deportation as a Homogenization Technology in the Late Ottoman Empire
Marcus Shera

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