Call for Papers

Civil Society and the Market

C+T is soliciting proposals for a special themed issue on this topic.

Theorists of spontaneous orders, as well as their intellectual predecessors back to the Scottish Enlightenment, often discussed civil society as well as markets as fundamental to human flourishing. Relatively few have made in-depth studies of their interrelationship. Pursuant to this, C+T wishes to produce a themed issue exploring these relationships.  Among the questions potential authors might care to address include:

  1. What characterizes civil society?
  2. What role does the market play in civil society? Does it help maintain it? Undermine it? Both? Neither?
  3. What is the relationship of spontaneous order(s) to civil society?
  4. What insights do different theorists of civil society coming from different perspectives offer with respect to civil society and the market? This might include discussing varied writers such as Cornuelle, Etzione, Habermas, Hayek, Putnam, Oakeshott, and Elinor Ostrom.
  5. What is civil society’s relationship to cultural and/or religious diversity? How does the market impact this relationship?
  6. Of course other questions are open for consideration as well.

This issue will be edited by Gus diZerega. Please email Gus with proposals.

The deadline for proposals is June 1, 2017.

It is anticipated that this issue will be published in 2018.