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A New Dawn
David F. Hardwick


A Conjectural History of Liberalism
James Alexander

Ecology, Markets and Capitalism: The Challenge of Sustainability
Gus DiZerega

Complex Phenomena and the Superior Power of Negative Rules of Order
Walter B. Weimer

The Pretense of Knowledge: On the Insidious Presumptions of Artificial Intelligence

Jordan Ott


Primitivism, Eschatology, and the Politics of Time. Review of Out of Joint: Power, Crisis, and the Rhetoric of Time by Nomi Claire Lazar 
Eno Trimçev 

Max Weber’s Economic Sociology. Review of Tribe’s Translation of “Part One” of Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft
Christopher Adair-Toteff

A Political Philosophy of Conservatism: Prudence, Moderation and Tradition by Ferenc Hörcher
Gene Callahan

Michael Oakeshott and the Conversation of Modern Political Thought by Luke Philip Plotica
P. E. Digeser 

Humane Economics: Essays in Honor of Don Lavoie
James J. Risser

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