1. Cosmos + Taxis is operated under the auspices of the Department of Philosophy, Political Science, and Economics, The University of British Columbia Okanagan.
  2. Cosmos + Taxis typically publishers six double issues per annum.
  3. Submitting an article to Cosmos + Taxis implies that it is has not already been published and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere.
  4. Cosmos + Taxis will endeavor to undertake the refereeing process in a timely manner (i.e. a publication decision will be made available within three months).
  5. Cosmos + Taxis is an open access publication and subscribes to the terms and conditions of Creative Commons.
  6. Contributors retain full copyright to their material and are encouraged to disseminate widely, pointing to a specific paper/review’s permanent link.
  7. Cosmos + Taxis has no charges for submission. Published authors get a free hardcopy of the issue in which their article appears.
  8. Cosmos + Taxis only accepts digital submissions, i.e. as a Word document. Submissions should be made to the Managing Editor, Leslie Marsh.
  9. Cosmos + Taxis operates a double-blind review procedure: all self-identifying marks should be removed from the article itself (be sure to also clear the properties tab).

Elements of Style

  1. Papers should be double-spaced, in 12 point Times New Roman font and not double justified.
  2. Accepted papers are usually about 6,000-8,000 words long. However, Cosmos + Taxis are willing to consider manuscripts as long as 12,000 words (and even more under very special circumstances).
  3. In addition to the article itself, an abstract and keywords should be submitted. Submissions should be made in Word doc format.
  4. Submissions should be in English: American, UK and Canadian spellings are acceptable as long as they adhere consistently to one pattern.
  5. Citations should be made in author-date format (Author 1974, p. 69). A reference list of all works cited should be placed at the end of the article.
  6. For a fully comprehensive example of stylistic and formatting permutations please consult the most recent issue of Cosmos + Taxis.

The abridged house REFERENCE style as follows:

Author, A. B. 2013. Title. Journal, 1(1): 1-10.
____________. 2017. Title. Journal, 1(1): 1-10.
Author, C. D., Author, B., and Author, C. C. 2013. Title. In: Author, J. E., and Author, B. (Eds.) Title. City: Publisher, pp. 1-10.
Author, E. F. 2008. Title. City: Publisher.
____________. 2016. Title. City: Publisher.
Author, G. H. 2004 [1902]. Title. City: Publisher.

Please note that for article titles, quotation marks should not be used.

6. All notes should be as ENDNOTES. Please be very judicious with the number of notes deployed.

7. Please, no embedded citations (static only) or overly long links.

8. Mathematical formulae and graphs must be submitted in a separate Word document indicating where in the body of the text they should be placed.