The Political Economy of Pandemics: Towards Uncharted Territory

Pablo Paniagua

Section I: Expert failure and knowledge problems

Expert failure and pandemics: On adapting to life with pandemics
Jon Murphy, Abigail Devereaux, Nathan Goodman, and Roger Koppl

A Case Study in the Problem of Policymaker Ignorance: Political Responses to COVID-19
Scott Scheall and Parker Crutchfield

The other knowledge problem: public choice and the marvels of modern medicine shut down the world
Max Gulker and Phil Magness

Section II: The political economy of modern pandemics

The Rules of Reason: COVID-19, Buchanan, and Hayek
Rosolino A. Candela and Peter J. Jacobsen

Can governments deal with pandemics?
Vincent Geloso and Ilia Murtazashvili

Governing Nested Externalities during a Pandemic: Social Distancing as a Coproduction Problem
Veeshan Rayamajhee, Shikhar Shrestha, and Pablo Paniagua

Entangled Political Economy of the Covid-19 Pandemic
Mikayla Novak

Section III: New social challenges and uncharted territory

Crisis as a Source of Social Capital: Adaptation and Formation of Social Capital during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Virgil H. Storr, Stefanie Haeffele, Laura E. Grube, and Jordan K. Lofthouse

Mobility During Pandemics: Moving Borders and Citizenship into Uncharted Territories
Victoria Finn and Mari-Liis Jakobson

Permanent Crisis Management, the Rule of Law, and Universal Basic Income: A Polycentric Approach
Otto Lehto

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