Conflicts and their Resolutions

For obvious reasons the biennial C+T in-person conference will not take place this year. This said, we have decided to have an online conference this September 17th/18th.

The conference theme is Conflicts and their Resolutions:

In elaborating this we emphasize the difference between static models of conflict and resolution (dominance, war, censure, voting, etc.) versus dynamic evolutionary models of creative productive conflict, giving rise to learning and innovation. The question is not how to deal with conflict or minimize it (or punish those who start it), but how institutions can shape it creatively to create rather than destroy value. It’s a variation on the Schumpeterian theme of creative destruction.

Quite what form the conference will take will be determined closer to the time. A combination of pre-recorded and live online (also recorded) modalities are open to us to negotiate the headache of time zones.

Please send proposals to Leslie Marsh by April 1st. The conference committee will make their decisions known by April 1st.

All accepted proposals are obliged to make their papers exclusively available to C+T, and subject to meeting the standard editorial requirements, these papers will be published in a special issue of C+T.